Kennebunk Land Trust
Property & Trail Map

Kennebunk Land Trust Preserves With Trails

Kennebunk Land Trust (KLT) was established in 1972. Since its inception, the Trust has worked to protect over 3,400 acres of land through ownership, conservation easement and partnership. These properties include upland forest, coastal marsh and agricultural fields, and many of them are open for recreational enjoyment. This map depicts all Kennebunk Land Trust properties. Those preserves open for public access are clearly identified, as are those with trails.

Kennebunk Land Trust’s mission is to permanently conserve and steward land to benefit natural and human communities.


View The KLT Map (17 x11)  Please note: Public access to The Secret Garden at/via Evergreen Cemetery is currently unavailable.

Trail Etiquette

While enjoying the preserves, please help us protect their natural resources by keeping these things in mind:

  • Stay on Trail
  • Daylight Use Only
  • No Fires, Camping or Motorized Vehicles
  • Hunting is allowed on some preserves. Hunting is by permission only. Hunters are required to follow all state and local rules. Registering to hunt on a preserve is required every year.
  • Carry in – Carry Out
    Trails do not have trash cans or bathroom facilities. Please do not litter.
  • Dogs
    Dogs are welcome on Kennebunk Land Trust properties. Responsible dog owners will please clean up and remove from premises all pet waste. Be respectful of the environment and of other users, not all walkers are dog lovers. Pets who chase wildlife, or who jump up on or intimidate strangers, are best kept on leash.
  • Mountain Biking
    Some Kennebunk Land Trust trails are appropriate for mountain biking. While allowed, we ask that you consider surface conditions before riding to prevent rutting and trail damage. Off-trail riding and unsafe riding will not be tolerated. Riders must be sensitive to other users.
  • Habitat
    Many Kennebunk Land Trust trails pass through habitat for a variety of resident and migrating wildlife. Please be respectful.
  • Monitoring
    Kennebunk Land Trust volunteers monitor and maintain the trails. Should you find downed trees, vandalism or inappropriate uses on any part of the preserves or trails, please contact the Trust.
  • Remember To Do A Tick Check After Walking Any Preserves!
  • No motorized vehicles.This applies to all KLT land.
  • A Note On Hunting: Trail Users should exercise caution from October-December and in the spring during turkey hunting season. Hunters need to respect wildlife by hunting only in-season animals. Hunters must be considerate of others and aware of their “field of fire.” Do not shoot near developed areas, trails or roads. Follow all municipal, state and federal firearm and hunting regulations.  Hunting is by PERMISSION ONLY.  Registering to hunt on a preserve is required EVERY YEAR. Please scroll down to the bottom of this page to submit a Hunting Form. A representative from the Land Trust will contact you after the form is submitted.

Hunting Questionaire

This form is to be submitted to request permission to hunt a KLT property. You will be contacted if your application is approved. Notifications About Hunting on KLT Properties: -Daylight use only -Obey all federal, state and local laws/rules -No trapping or baiting -Deer stands must be located a minimum of 150 feet from a marked trail. -No shooting on, towards or across the marked trails Thank you for your time and consideration.
  • Date Format: MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • Membership levels: Patron ($50); Friend ($100); Advocate ($250); Sponsor ($500); Benefactor ($1,000). Enter the dollar amount of your membership in the space below. Membership helps us protect and steward open space and makes land available for all to enjoy. It also protects habitat that allows wildlife to thrive.
  • This email list provides information related to upcoming events and general news about the organization.