Trail Improvements and New Stewardship Technology

Trail Improvements & New Stewardship Technology

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KLT is proud to share that grant support from MLTN's COVID-19 grant fund and the Ed Meadows Conservation Fund provided strong stewardship support this year.

Stewardship Committee volunteers installed new 'you are here' signs at Alewive Woods and Wonder Brook Preserves. These help visitors better navigate the preserves and have a more positive experience.

Volunteers also installed trail counters at many of KLT's preserves. These devices count the numbers of visitors to each property and allow stewardship monitors to better respond to trail maintenance needs. Over 1,000 people have visited Wonder Brook Preserve this summer!

Thanks to grant support, KLT was also able to establish wildlife cameras on several properties. These cameras allow us to better understand the wildlife that call our preserves home. Sharing images of animals and wildlife facts also provides a unique, socially distant, educational opportunity! Check out that Great Blue Heron striking a pose at Alewife Pond!