Photo Gallery

views at Boothbay Marsh
PC: S. Gasperin
Kayaking on the mighty Mousam River on a blue bird day!
PC: S. Gasperin
Hikers at our Wonder Brook Preserve.  This property is comprised of one town-owned and two Trust-owned properties totaling nearly 80 acres. Upland forest and fern beds as well as brooks and streams are key features of this preserve.
PC: S. Gasperin
A bridge at our Wonder Brook property.
PC: S. Gasperin
Lookout at Wonder Brook.
PC: S. Gasperin
Bridge at Wonder Brook.
PC: S. Gasperin
Fern Beds at Wonder Brook.
PC: S. Gasperin
Alewive Pond on a blue bird day! This preserve boasts over 625 acres of land and a 45-acre pond at its center, and is ideal for mixed recreational uses.
PC: S. Gasperin
A photo of some of the group who attended the 2017 Great Maine Outdoor Weekend Walk at our Alewive Woods Preserve. Great Maine Outdoor Weekend is a series of events led by outdoor oriented organizations and companies throughout the state to celebrate and promote engaging in outdoor activities. In 2017, KLT hosted this naturalist walk to encourage community members to get outside! Participants are pictured at Alewive Pond.
Courtesy Photo
Naturalist and KLT Board Member, Scott Gasperin discussing how the history of the area has influenced the forest we see today at Alewive Woods. This photo is from our 2017 Great Maine Outdoor Weekend Walk at Alewive Woods.
A red pine tree with it's cone and needles. One way to identify a red pine from a white pine is to look at the number of needles. A red pine has 2 needles per cluster while a white pine has 5 needles per cluster.
Pine Cone at Alewive Woods.
Friends enjoying the Sea Road Preserve. The trail follows an old, turn-of-the-century train bed, and offers scenic views of the Mousam River in all seasons. The 13 acre property is ideally suited for biking and xc-skiing. 
PC: S. Gasperin
A bicyclist enjoying a ride along the Madeline Marx property. The preserve is comprised of  24 acres of coastal salt marsh and takes its name from founding Board member emeritus, Madelyn Marx. With forested sections as well as thick low brush, this preserve provides considerable habitat to coastal birds as well as waterfowl. The property is connected to the Sea Road Preserve via the town-owned Bridle Path, and contiguous to Rachel Carson National Wildlife Refuge property.
PC: S. Gasperin
Marx Preserve in Winter.
A winter view at the Marx Preserve.
KLT, York County Audubon, and Fish & Wildlife establish a pole and gourd rack at the Marx Preserve. The team is pictured preparing the pole.
KLT, York County Audubon, and Fish & Wildlife establish a pole and gourd rack at the Marx Preserve. The team is raising the pole and gourd rack.
KLT, York County Audubon, and Fish & Wildlife establish a pole and gourd rack at the Marx Preserve. Members of the group are pictured preparing the gourds.
KLT, York County Audubon, and Fish & Wildlife establish a pole and gourd rack at the Marx Preserve.
Volunteers from Pratt & Whitney participating in Day of Caring! United Way's Day of Caring is an annual event that occurs across the state in which individuals and their organizations can engage in community service activities that make a difference and provide participants with a greater connection to place and to community.
Pratt & Whitney group participating in Day of Caring at one of our KLT properties!
Pratt & Whitney participating in Day of Caring!
Members from the Maine Conservation Corps stop for a photo before heading out on our KLT properties to participate in some trail maintenance! The Maine Conservation Corps (MCC) is part of the Maine Department of Agriculture, Conservation, and Forestry. The program is focused on conservation and environmental stewardship across the state.
A winter naturalist walk!
"Let your life be like a snowflake, which leaves a mark but not a stain" -Unknown.
"Autumn is a second spring, where every leaf is a flower" (A. Camus).
PC: S. Gasperin
River at Huntington Commons.
PC: S. Gasperin
This photo depicts an Oyster Catcher spotted at Strawberry Island. A mix of brown, black, and white, Oyster Catchers are known to use their large bills to feed on bivalves that they find along salt marshes and beaches. Strawberry Island is located off of Great Hill Road in Kennebunk, ME, not far from Mother's Beach. 
Courtesy Photo.
flora at Strawberry Island.
A Snowy Egret at Strawberry Island. A type of heron, the Snowy Egrets can be found in coastal, wetland, and marsh habitats.
a new friend visiting one of our many preserves.
This Northern Blazing Star (Liatris novae-angliae) was photographed on the Kennebunk Plains, a property also known as the Kennebunk Wildlife Management Area. KLT partnered with The Nature Conservancy to protect this  2,000 acres of land; the property is now managed by the Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife.  
Native to New England, the Blazing Star is a threatened species which can be found in habitat types such as near beaches, plains, and ridges.  The Northern Star blooms in August and September.
Some volunteers from the New School in Kennebunk. Engaging in some trail work!
Kate Cheney Chappell. Kate and her husband donated the Mousam River Wildlife Sanctuary. The 38-acre preserve has over 2,400 feet of frontage along the Mousam River and is convenient to the downtown area.
This photo shows participants in our Soup & Snow Stroll Event as part of Kennebunk/Kennebunkport's Paint the Town Red! This event took place at the Mousam River Wildlife Sanctuary. Individuals then warmed up with a cup of soup and other treats at Boulangerie and even had a chance to win a garment from Rambler's Way Farm.
A group photo of our Soup and Snow Stroll friends at the Mousam River Wildlife Sanctuary!
A winter walk at Alewive Woods Preserve.
Hiker resting on a bench at Mousam River Wildlife Sanctuary.
PC: S. Gasperin
Benches overlooking the Mousam River at the Mousam River Wildlife Sanctuary.
PC: S. Gasperin
Light and shadows at Mousam River Wildlife Sanctuary.
Signage at one of our properties.
PC: S. Gasperin
Bog Bridge at Butler Preserve. 3/4ths of a mile of trail will allow you to explore along the banks of the Kennebunk River. This preserve highlights an interesting piece of geologic history, featuring a glacial erratic. A glacial erratic is a rock that was carried by a glacier often hundreds of miles before it found its final resting place; glacial erratics differ in size than the rocks commonly seen in the area in which they are found. The glacial erratic found at the Butler Preserve is affectionately called, Picnic Rock.
Paused for a photo before the May Day Parade in Kennebunk!
Beth S. and Mary B at the KLT Table at the 2017  Earth Day Celebration!
Gordon Collins leads a walk with students from the Kennebunk Elementary School.