New KLT Trail Map!

KLT is excited to share that we have a new trail map! Hard copies will be available later this Fall and the map will be downloadable online.

This project was made possible with the generous support of the Davis Conservation Foundation and with GIS help from the Wells Reserve at Laudholm.

The KLT map was redesigned by Rachel Schumacher Designs. The new map contains a membership tear away flap to share the importance of membership and community conservation and encourage greater membership support; KLT is a small nonprofit, membership-powered organization and relies on the support of its members to help nature thrive and protect open space for all to explore. This new map is now pocket-sized, making it perfect to take on any adventure! The map also features KLT's newest preserves such as Oxbow Preserve and the Hope Woods Conservation Easement.

New KLT Trail Map 2020