KLT Partners with Maine Conservation Corp to Improve Trail at Mousam River Wildlife Sanctuary

KLT Partners with MCC, Makes Trail Improvements

Many people enjoy the Mousam River Wildlife Sanctuary property, located along Water Street. It’s a 38-acre preserve has over 2,400 feet of frontage along the Mousam River. There is a hill at the preserve that many have found difficulty traversing, especially in the winter months when the trail can be icy. This year, KLT partnered with the Maine Conservation Corp to establish crib steps at the preserve. This will make the property more accessible in all seasons. The KLT team will put a few finishing touches on the project later this month.  We also want to thank several boys from the Kennebunk High School Football team for volunteering to move some materials into the preserve so that this project could be completed.

Crib steps at KLT’s Mousam River Wildlife Sanctuary

Maine Conservation Corp crew who led this project.